• Hi everyone,

    I’m working on a C# plugin and use NPPM_CREATESCINTILLAHANDLE to get a Scintilla instance.

    It all works as expected, and as directed on the wiki Messages And Notifications page I call NPPM_DESTROYSCINTILLAHANDLE when I am done.

    Thereafter NPP appears to work correctly, but soon crashes with an Access Violation when doing ScintillaEditView::attachDefaultDoc()… well away from my plugin which is by now dormant. If I skip the DESTROY call, the crash does not occur.

    So is NPPM_DESTROYSCINTILLAHANDLE only intended to be called on Notepad++ shutdown?
    Or is there some other action I need to take first?

    NB: This is running NPP and my plugin through VS2017 IDE debugger, and is currently using NPP v7.4.2 source (slightly modified)… so please just after general advice on the create/destroy handle thing before trying to isolate the error further.

    Specifically the crash happens on the “isVisibile” line here:

    size_t FileManager::nextUntitledNewNumber() const
      std::vector<size_t> usedNumbers;
      for(size_t i = 0; i < _buffers.size(); i++)
    	Buffer *buf = _buffers.at(i);
    	if (buf->isUntitled())
    		// if untitled document is invisible, then don't put its number into array (so its number is available to be used)
    		if ((buf->_referees[0])->isVisible())


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