How can I find out if a reported bug is even being considered for a fix.

  • Hi,
    Some months ago I posted a bug report on git and also asked for confirmation on here. I got that confirmation and have just checked and the issue is still present.

    The issue I was having was printing out files with very long lines
    see here for original post.

    I know a lot of work is done on np++ with regular updates which is greatly appreciated but given the bug report got 0 comments I was wondering how I go about checking up on its status.

    Is it worth posting a comment to the original bug request?



  • @RHscitech

    Honestly the best way to check on it is what you already did…by looking here: , and yes, no action has occurred.

    Notepad++ is free software (you know this…) and its developers devote their unpaid free time to maintaining it. As such, they tend to work on issues they feel are important, which doesn’t necessarily coincide with issues other people find important.

    Is it worth posting a comment to the original bug request?

    It can’t hurt. :-)

    I don’t know if you have the skills, but another thing you could do is to come up with a fix yourself and present it (in what is called a pull request) to the developers. If it is done (exactly!) right, it is hard for them to ignore that.

  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the swift reply. That is pretty much what I expected. I also spotted your post the the original bug posting pointing back to my original posting asking for testing on these forums. Thanks for doing that.

    I understand the need to prioritise and that is exactly the response that I gave to the people who are chasing me about if it has been fixed.

    I don’t think I have the skills to fix the bug but I might be able to work out where it is coming from. I did work in IT for 7 years as a webdesigner/programmer/general dogsbody before moving into my current job. Infact that is the reason my establishment approached me when they needed a bit of software to do what I recommended np++ for.

    Thanks again for your reply.


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