Set word-wrap column

  • Is there a way to set the word-wrap column? I know TextFX Edit can set it at 72 characters, but that’s a little too narrow.

    Ultimately, I want to be able to do set a word-wrap using an Autohotkey macro.


  • @Harry-Binswanger

    To my knowledge, the wrapping column is set by the window width–there is no real direct control.

    Maybe someone else has a better idea than this, but here’s what I’d do to achieve what you want:

    I’d turn on the vertical edge feature if not already on:


    This gets me a vertical line drawn on the document tab window at the desired column.

    If I don’t have my own text immediately available, I generate some on and paste it into a dummy document.

    Then I’d resize the window until the dummy text wraps at the column indicated by the vertical line. This may take a little experimentation as I found with the secondary view active I’d have to quit resizing (release the mouse left button) when the (occasional) last character of a display line is overhanging to the right of the vertical line. With no secondary view window open, however, I didn’t have to do this (I just stopped the resize at the obvious point).

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  • Thank you. Re-sizing the window had occurred to me, and that really means separating the tab into a separate window (which I know how to do), but I thought there might be an easier and less drastic way.

  • Hmmm, just see that View/Move/Clone to other view/Move to other view is good enough, when combined with View/Wordwrap.

    Better, for my purposes is Move to new instance, which makes a new window for the document I want to have narrowed in width.

  • It’s a little surprising that as good as Notepad++ is, and it is, that a simple wordwrap function couldn’t be included. Ah well…


  • If you type a value, say 80 in your case and copy or cut it (get it into the clipbopard) then when you use the Text FX Edit function to “Wrap text To…” it will honor the value in the clipboard rather than 72. Unfortunately, this ruins some of the formatting, secifically tabbed elements…not cool.

    I have resorted to using the Alt+Left Click and Drag column selection method to simply view given size, referencing a text bloc, a bunch of #'s, that have the desired length. None are optimal…

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