Removing tabs on Notepad++

  • Hello,
    I’m sure somebody already asked this but I’ve been searching in google for few hours now and couldn’t find the answer.
    I want to disable tabs in Notepad++, but cant find the option. I don’t need to see every single document. Usually i create multiple documents every day and the way it works now i have like 20+ tabs which i have to close one by one.
    I found the option to hide the bar but when i open new documents it is created as tab and is even more annoying. There are tips for removing document peeks but it’s not the case here.

    I’m sorry if there are mistakes, but English is not my first language…

    Thank you

  • @Denislav-Dimitrov

    sorry but I don’t get the point. Do you want to have the current document closed if you open another one automatically? Or something other?
    You don’t look for Settings->Preferences->General-TabBar check Hide, do you?


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