Regex is driving me up the wall

  • I’m having issues with regex.
    I have a series of lines in this form:

    IIf(ISNULL([text1])<>'' And Left(ISNULL([text2]),4)="Appr",[text3]

    I want to insert text in between the’]'and the ‘)’ like this:

    IIf(ISNULL([text1],'')<>'' And Left(ISNULL([text2],''),4)="Appr",[text3]

    I’ve tried this regular expression

    Find what:    (ISNULL.*])(*.*)
    Replace with:  \1,''\2

    apparently tagging doesnt appear to work the way I thought it did.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • @Anthony-Bouttell

    One problem is that your use of .* is grabbing too much. You’ll want to change that to .*? which will match the minimum amount. And then the *.* looks too much like CMD shell wildcard/globbing…

    I’m away from Notepad++ at the moment so I can’t actually try it out, but maybe something like this will work, or at least give you a boost:

    Find-what zone: ISNULL.*?]
    Replace-with zone: $0,''

    In words: match ISNULL through the immediately following closing bracket, replace the match with what was found (represented by $0) plus a comma and two single-quotes.

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