No external changes noted before file saved?

  • Hello,

    I use a text file (logfile) that is edited by a program automatically.

    Since some time ago when I edited this file and wanted it to save, a message was displayed when the file in the meantime had been changed by the program (appended some text). So I could stop my changes and reload the file (missing MY changes but ok).

    But now sometimes there is a hint that it is not possible to write the file and the question if I want to save ‘as admin’. So I saved again and lost logs of the program (not good).

    In ‘File Status Auto-Detection’ I checked all 3 boxes to see the newest status of the log file.

    Can I change settings or is this a task for programming?

    Best greetings, Martin

  • Look at it this way:
    You have a file that is actively used and updated regularly by another process.
    You open it in NPP and have it set to auto update.
    Fine so far, this is sort of a tail -f in *nix.

    Now you edit the live file in your editor, maybe at the same time as the other process does.
    What do you expect NPP to do?

    My advice: Don’t edit files that are (silently) updated by another process.
    You’ve learned your lesson, don’t make the same mistake again.

  • I would expect Notepad++ to reliably inform me that the file was changed.

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