turn on/off the line-ending symbols via script

  • Is there a way to turn on and off the visibility of the line-ending symbols via Pythonscript? I can TOGGLE the state by coding this:


    but I don’t see how I can:

    1. know the current state (being shown already or not)
    2. set it definitively to ON
    3. set it definitively to OFF

    Ideas? Thx.

    Another thing: When I code it as above, it gets out of sync with the menu option View | Show Symbol | Show End of Line setting. Ideally I’d like something that I can do via Pythonscript that keeps everything in sync…

  • I had experimented with something similar, which I can easily translate into what you want . To guarantee I am in View EOL, I run two commands: first


    This toggles view all characters first – whether it’s in view all on or off, I now know it is not in view eol. So I can then safely turn it on with a toggle:


    Or, in one fell swoop:


    Similarly, to guarantee I toggle view eol off:


    You can do something similar for any of the three (VIEW_EOL, VIEW_ALL_CHARACTERS, or VIEW_TAB_SPACE) as well.

    (And I see the View > Show Symbol keeping in sync…)

  • FYI, I was also just reminded that @Claudia-Frank, in this other thread, had mentioned the editor.getViewWS() and editor.getViewEOL() commands, which I keep forgetting. These answer your first step of “know the current state”, so you could base the logic of whether you issue the notepad.menuCommand() based on those editor functions.

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