switching between virtual desktops

  • I use virtual desktops on windows 10 to help me organise what applications i have open and for some reason notepad ++ is not happy about this.

    It is displaying a gray bar to the side of the window when I am on a different desktop. if i click on it, it will switch to the desktop that has notepad ++ open on, and if i try to minimize a window which is open on another desktop when notepad++ is open, it will again switch to the desktop that has notepad ++ open. I have never noticed this before and cannot see any option in the setting which might be causing this.
    I am not noticing this in any other application i have running.

  • @Duncan-Fraser

    yes, unfortunately a known issue and has been reported already but doesn’t have high priority.
    One user mentioned that this happens only if Settings->Preferences->Misc->Minimize to system tray is checked - maybe you wanna give it a try.


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