Replace All in All Open Documents - shortcut key does not work?

  • Hi all,

    I’m a newcomer to the community, but been using NPP for quite some time now. I’m having a problem with the find & replace dialog box.

    Only recently have I found it useful to do a find & replace on multiple files at once - previously, I’d do my work on one file at a time. Anyway, I’m finding that the keyboard shortcut for “Replace All in All Opened Documents” doesn’t seem to work. I’m presuming that it’s alt+O, since the “O” in “Opened” is underlined in the button text. It’s not a case of me being impatient on a set of large files, waiting for the replace to happen; if I mouse over and click on the button, the activity happens straight away, but if I fill in ‘find’ and ‘replace’ and then hit alt+O, nothing happens at all. Not even the ‘chime’ that goes off if you hit an invalid shortcut key (for example, alt+J, which has no use on that dialog).

    Can anyone confirm that this is an issue? I’m using 7.5.1 on Windows 10.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Jason-Low

    It is a long-known issue that the “underlined key” mechanism in the Find family of windows is messed up. I’ve made it less of a problem I care about by reassigning a lot of the text in the Find windows to something “better” and I remap the keys in the process. This thread discusses how to do all of that if you are interested in doing something similar:

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