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  • Hello,

    I’ve just downloaded Notepad++ and realized that every time i open a document it opens as tab. This is very unpractical for me because i open multiple files a day which i close after that and i don’t need them ever again.
    Is there any option to make Notepad++ act as regular Notepad?

    In settings I found option to hide the tabs but this doesn’t help much as the tabs are still there…

  • @Denislav-Dimitrov

    A case could be made that you don’t want to see a “new 1” tab when you close the single file you have been working on (and before you open another), but really, I can’t see any reason you should be at all bothered when you have the hide-tabs feature turned on. Can you describe more specifically why this annoys you–or are you just somehow tab-phobic? :-)

  • It’s not that big problem but I just prefer to open one document at a time. Maybe I’m tab-phobic but I thought that there is simple setting that can do that. Didn’t realized that I’m the only person that is bothered by this :)

  • @Denislav-Dimitrov

    Maybe you want one instance of Notepad++ per file? If so, change your shortcut or whatever you use to invoke Notepad++ to pass the -multInst parameter. That, with the addition of the hide-tabs configuration setting that has already been discussed, may achieve what you want.

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