multiline replace with? how?

  • I copy two lines for example in clipboard,
    I mark what I want to replace in npp,
    the dialog pops up, but I when I try to paste the double-line string copied before,
    npp only shows one line!

    how can I do that?

  • @patrickdrd

    The Find what zone will accept multiline data if you select the data before invoking the find (in the box, however, it appears to be one long line as the line breaks are not visible…and note the length limit is a bit over 2000 characters).

    You can’t actually paste multiline data into the Find what or Replace with zones.

    There are ways to do this if you are willing to go to greater lengths than what Notepad++ provides out of the box. I’m thinking of the Pythonscript plugin, here. If that’s something you’d consider installing, I can provide a link to another thread that gets into what you are wanting to do.

  • nope, I have kept my previous editor aside, so I will be doing this task with that one,
    shame that such popular editor as npp is, cannot accomplish that

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