File creation automation

  • Hello all,

    I want to make specific automation in NP++.
    Here is approximately the result I want to achieve.
    Imagine such workflow:

    1. I edit a file normally (python code).
    2. I save the file normally
    3. After that I want automatically create a copy of this file with
      some other filename (e.g. with some suffix added)
      The contents of the copy must be created from current contents using
      some char replacements.

    For example: the copy should contain the same py code, but with all
    hyphen characters replaced with underscore characters.
    So it’s basic replacement.
    The auto-created file should not be opened in NP, so it just goes in a folder silently.

    Just if you ask why I need it: I need this because I want to use hyphen char
    inside tokens, which Python not allows.
    So i edit my .py file, i use “minus” char instead of hyphen for minus operation
    and I use hyphen inside tokens to make the code more readable.
    In the end those two chars must be auto-replaced to create runnable python code,
    i.e. hyphen becomes underscore, and minus becomes hyphen again.

    Can I make the whole automation in NP++?
    Possibly so that the whole is made with one keystroke.
    If yes, what should I start with?

    Note : I have started with NP++ not so long ago and don’t know how to
    make automations in NP++.

    Thanks in advance,


  • @Mikhail-V

    as you are programming in python it might be best if you use the python script plugin for
    your automation. This plugins provides all editor (scintilla) and notpead++ functions you need.

    The documentation is quite good but if you need help to get started let us know.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    Thank you!
    It is very, very good news indeed.
    I have installed the plugin and tested few simple things - it works!
    I am so happy - the only bad thing that I did not start with NPP some years earlier.

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