Saving problem when using Notepad++ with WinSCP

  • When I set Notepad++ as a default editor for WinSCP and open one remote file at a time, it works just fine.
    When I open multiple remote files and try to save any other than the first one, I get a message:
    “The file cannot be saved and it may be protected. Do you want to launch Notepad++ in Administrator mode?”
    This combination used to work just fine in my previous pc about one year ago.

    Now I’m using WinSCP’s internal editor and it works fine but I’d prefer using Notepad++.

    Is this more like WinSCP problem than Notepad++ problem? Any ideas how to fix it?

  • What is the command used by winSCP that starts notepad++
    You can use process explorer ( ) to find out the npp command

  • The problem seems to appear only with 64-bit version of Notepad++. I changed to 32-bit version and it works fine.

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