featureRequest: Return from search, with history.

  • I am scrolling through a lengthy text file when I hit Ctrl+F and follow a search to another part of the document, but now I want to go back to where I was before I landed on the first search match.

    I may be mistaken but it seems like I can do this while viewing a PDF buy pressing Alt+[Left Arrow]. This can be repeated multiple times kind of like “undoing” my way one move at a time through my “navigation history” and then “Redo” my way forward by pressing Alt+[Right Arrow].

    I believe their feature is listed here under Move back to previously opened topic and Move forward to next topic. It seems like it works across links and multiple documents, but for my purposes all I need in NP++ will be within one document.

    Is there anything in NP++ that would provide this useful method of navigation with the ease of simple key combos?

  • @James-Gale

    Well, I do it by setting a bookmark at where I want to come back to…

    • ctrl+F2 (set bookmark)
    • move away an arbitrary distance…
    • shift+F2 (bring me back)
    • ctrl+F2 (remove bookmark)

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