New metalang (folding list)

  • Hello! I’m asking for your … - - - … :) I’m using N++ for coding but also for random private notes, often lists. It would be great if I could have lists I could fold. You know, that folding feature which allows to fold whole blocks of some programming languages.

    I see I can make my own language and use own symbols for blocks/folding. The point is that I’d love to have MediaWiki style folding lists, i.e. asterisks count=list level.

    here's some label
    * afoo lv1
    * bfoo lv1
    ** cfoo lv2
    ** dfoo lv2
    end of the list

    In this case my dream would be to be able to fold level 1 with children (i.e. block from afoo to dfoo) and level 2 (cfoo to dfoo). The acceptable would be to have just one level, i.e. I can fold only afoo-dfoo. If I don’t explain it well, let me tell one of my uses. Episodes lists of series I watch. I don’t want to reorder it, I’d prefer to be able to have two sections - watched episodes and unwatched. For now I could use just PHP, as it’s just <? at the start and {+} for folding block.

    So would it be possible to have folding list without any special characters on the start and end, i.e. not like brackets in PHP, but like that example list I’ve wrote above? As you can see just items of my list have special characters (*), not whole levels.

  • Found it, yay. For now only one level, but that’s fine with me. For people who would look for the answer: Comment & Number tab, select Allow folding of comments, Comment line style: * :)

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