Beginner using notepad++

  • How do I convert a word doc to plain text using notepad++?
    When I was using notepad, I just copied my word document and pasted it into notepad and then copied it from notepad and it worked.
    However when I did this with notepad++, all the formatting in word was carried across, is there something else I need to do?
    Thank you.

  • @Trish-White

    does this mean that, if you copy the content from word to notepad++ everything looks as it
    should be, then you start modifying text and afterwards when copying from notepad++ to word
    the indentation is messed up?

    If so, I assume that notepad++ has set tab should be replaced by spaces.
    See settings->preferences


  • @Claudia-Frank
    Hi Claudia,

    Appreciate your reply. No I didn’t edit the content, all I want to do is convert the content to plain text.

    This is what I was trying to do…
    I am using a “text to speech” software which states that my article has to be in “plain text”.

    Initially, I tried using “notepad” to convert my article from a word doc to plain text. However, it still had hidden code (although I can’t see it), so I was told I should use “notepad++” to convert my word doc to plain text.

    After installing notepad++
    I clicked on File, New.
    Then I copied and pasted my word doc article into notepad++

    The article in notepad++ still had the word doc formatting (i.e. it didn’t convert it to plain text).

    If there something else I need to do with the notepad++ settings or preferences etc. so my article is converted to plain text?

    Thank you

  • @Trish-White
    Hi Trish,

    what makes you think that it isn’t converted?
    I do not have MS Word, although I strongly believe it should behave like LibreOffice,
    but I gave it a try with LibreOffice and if I do

    • ctrl+a (select all)
    • ctrl+c (copy) and
    • ctrl+v paste

    it seems to work.

    Can you post your notepad++ debug-info, available under ? menu and a exact description
    how you copy and paste your text, like if using shortcut or menu entry and what the result
    is vs. what is expected. Maybe there is just a simple misunderstanding.


  • @Trish-White

    Hi. In Notepad++ I very much doubt you still have any Word doc formatting or
    hidden code. I suppose your software does not understand unicode symbols and
    assumes the text must be Plain ASCII characters.
    Try doing this: in Notepad++ click “encoding” menu item, then click “convert to ansi”.
    Where does the software takes text from? Clipboard or a txt file?

  • @Claudia-Frank
    Hi Claudia,

    I’ve tried ctrl+ c and ctrl+v and also using the right click function on the mouse.

    The plain text that I copied from notepad++ to my “text to speech” software still had “bold, italic” etc. hence I concluded that plain text was not copied across.

    However, when I have tried Mikhail’s suggestion, the problem was fixed.

    Anyway, I do appreciate your help.


  • Hi Mikhail,

    The “text to speech” software can take text from either a text file or clipboard.

    I’ve tried your suggestion in notepad++ (“encoding” and “convert to ansi”) and it worked. Don’t know much about the technical side but as long as it works, that’s great!

    Thanks for your help.


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