How to hook a mouse click?

  • I am using the .Net plugin template and I trying to create a utility that let’s me click on special instances of text to change it. Like this:

    1. When the left mouse is clicked in the editor,
    2. Look at the text around the carat,
    3. If the text matches a certain pattern, replace it with another bit of text

    I’m new to npp plugins, so I’m not exactly sure how to hook the mouse and my internet searches haven’t turned up the way to do it yet.


  • @Eric-Jorgensen

    the basic steps are

    • get the handle from the active scintilla control
    • register a new window procedure for this control/window (SetWindowLong)
    • check for the mesage WM_LBUTTONDOWN
    • always pass all messages to the old window procedure (CallWindowProc)


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