Searach a word and send results in a new file

  • Hi there,
    I am trying to find a way for exporting all the lines that contains a specific word or string in a new window so I can check it directly in the new window.

    For now I just doing find the word and then copy all the lines in a new window but would like to have something automatic for that,

    could you help?

  • @Daniele-Mangiapelo

    By new window you mean a new notepad instance or just another tab?
    What means something automatic? The whole process or just parts of it?
    Did you try to record a macro already?


  • Hi,
    sorry for not being specific.
    I meant a new TAB.

    For something automatic I meant that after hit search for a specific word then I expect that the result is “imported” in a new tab automatically and not as now reported in the search window and then I have to copy and paste in the new TAB.

    Can you address me about the macro? I am not familiar with that concept.


  • @Daniele-Mangiapelo

    Probably the quickest and most painless way to doing what you are describing is through the use of the LineFilter2 plugin.

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  • @Daniele-Mangiapelo

    Macros can be defined/recorded to automate repeating steps.
    Once a macro works as expected you can save it and assign a shortcut for later usage.

    Your steps should be

    • do your findings
    • once the find result window is open with the results press menu Macro->Start Recording
    • press F7 to switch to the find result window, results should be selected automatically.
    • press ctrl+c to copy the results
    • press F7 again to go back to edit area
    • press ctrl+n for a new tab
    • press ctrl+v to insert the results
    • press menu Macro->Stop recording

    if this is the expected result, go to menu Macro->Save Current Recorded Macro and give it
    a meaningful name. Now it should appear, with this name, under the Macro menu and you can assign a shortcut by using Modify Shortcut… from Macro menu.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    Hello Claudia. I tried this and where you said “results should be selected automatically” I found this not to be the case for me. Am I doing something wrong?

  • @Scott-Sumner

    Hi Scott,
    I don’t think so, did a quick test with the 7.5.1 installation and it was selected.
    So to be on the save side we should include a

    • ctrl+a

    before ctrl+c.

    Need to leave now … will check in detail later.

    Thanks and cheers

  • Hi,
    plugin linefilter2 seems to do iexactly what I need.

  • @Daniele-Mangiapelo

    good to see that you found a solution for you because I was just starting to write that
    the macro solution seems not to work correctly with the find result window.


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