NPP C# plugin - How to perform basic operations on a text file

  • Hi everybody,

    First of all let me thank you in advance for the time your’re going to spend reading this post.
    With you help I learned a lot in NPP C# plugin even if I can’t devote to this project the time I’d like so that progress is slow.

    At the moment I need to perform simple operation on a text file such as find a word, move cursor left/right/up/down selecting words.

    Every help will be appreciated.

  • Hi @Alessandro

    when interacting with scintilla control the Scintilla documentation is a good starting point.

    The concept is 99% like this, you send a message (the SCI_…) and either you get an immediate
    return or/and you will be notified by the so called notifications.

    The remainig 1% is it doesn’t work as expected. ;-)

    When interacting with gui aka notepad++ then you need to get an understanding
    how windows applications work in general. The main topic here is windows messages.


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