Notepad does not run. Windows 7+ required? Not stated anywhere

  • It’s a big issue for folks like me who don’t want to shell out extra time and money for upgrading from windows vista or XP. Which of your versions runs on these systems? Why isn’t notepad++ made compatible with vista and XP? Or is this wht Notepad++ will download but not run??

  • @guy038 - are you still using xp? Is this the case?

    I’m running latest version under linux wine emulation, which basically tries to emulate xp and
    it is working for me.


  • Hello, @eric-a-meece and @claudia-frank,

    Claudia, Yes, I’m still using Win XP SP3 I’m not that young, by now ;-))

    Anyway, Eric, I’ve never had, yet, big problems, due to Notepad++. From time to time, my N++ froze on exit ( but, always, without any loss of data ) due, probably, to the DSpellCheck plugin. Luckily, all seems OK, since the last version !

    I, personally, always download N++ zip archives, extracting all in a new folder, getting a local configuration, with all configuration files, in the installation folder or in sub-folders. And my laptop contains different versions of N++, each in a separate folder, without any problem.

    Of course, I carefully verify that I’m only using an unique N++ version, at the same time !! BTW, my laptop is a NEC verso M350, which should be 15 years old, approximatively :-))

    Best Regards,


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