Greek characters

  • Hi,

    I was used to copy&paste texts in Greek language without any issues, but now Notepad++ behaves very differently from other text editors. See the attached screenshot.

    I’ve tried changing the encoding and the characters set (to the Greek ones) but it did not help.


  • Hello nandaccio,

    As your file uses the UTF-8 encoding, you should easily handle any Unicode character. So, two possibilities :

    • You don’t have any font, on your system, which is able to display your characters ( very rare ! )

    • Your actual Notepad++ text font have changed and the present one can’t display these characters

    As your text seems OK, both, with Microsoft Notepad and PSPad, I incline to think about the second case.

    However, it’s quite weird, as you, probably, use N++, daily, like most of us, and you would have been aware of such a change !?

    Could you provide an example file, that we could test ? Thanks

    Best regards,


  • Hi guy038,

    you were right, I switched to a style that changed the font, so I have to revert to the default font to see the Greek characters.


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