<Style> tag

  • Hi. in the languaje HTML in style tag. Don’t colored source.
    Can this be changed? or it’s impossible?

  • @matahombres

    Sorry, but I don’t get what you want.
    Can you make a screenshot and/or provide an example about your issue?


  • Hi Claudia,
    If I might jump in, I think I know what he’s asking because I’ve been looking at something very similar…

    An attempt at clarification:
    A standalone CSS file (i/e. style.css) is properly syntax highlighted by Notepad++, but when a style appears embedded in an HTML file, everything between the <style> and </style> tags appears as default black text.

    Perhaps in order for this to be corrected, CSS needs a second entry in langs/styles just as Javascript has (“javascript” for embedded and “javascript.js” for standalone .js files).

    I was looking into SVG highlighting for the same reason. Of course, for SVG, this would also mean divorcing it from its XML association, but these are topics for another thread (to avoid hijacking).

  • @Ron-Tarrant

    thx, if this is the case than it isn’t solvable easily because the software part,
    responsible for coloring (aka the lexer) has to know that it needs to color an additional language. And except for the html lexer, which afaik is the only lexer who has been developed to colorize
    different languages, each lexer treats just a single language. In addition, the lexer is part of scintilla
    which means if one wants to have additional css highlighting it must be reported/asked for at
    scintilla project.


  • Okay, thanks, Claudia. I’ll look into it at that end.

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