Adds text in php after pressing enter

  • I am coding in php and when I press enter it adds extra text on the next line.


    And a string of senseless characters.

    (…) along with the above code.

    I have to really watch because the additional text causes errors within the php code.

  • @Mike-Boyles

    Can you provide a screenshot about this issue
    together with the information which npp version (debug-info under ? menu) and os version is used?


  • I am unable to get a screenshot but here’s some of what it adds in html5
    ( , , , , , , )
    ( )
    Version: 7.5.1 32bit

  • @Mike214

    you need to be a little bit more specific if you want useful help.
    In other words you need to help us to be able to help you.
    Php coding, using npp, is working for others so it must be something specific to your setup.

    Please post the whole debug-info.
    You didn’t answer on the used operating system.
    If you can’t do a screenshot, can you create a dummy file
    and once the issue happens save it and upload it so that one can inspect it.

    What about running npp with the -noPlugin switch, does it still happen?


  • Seems this is going to take a while. Where is the -noPlugin switch? I’ve looked for it and Google searched for it. The OS is Win10. Once it happens again I will find something to use.

  • @Mike214

    this is a switch which is used in combination with npp startup.
    notepad++.exe -noPlugin
    What it does is that it doesn’t load any plugin to be sure that the issue
    is caused by npp instead of a misbehaving plugin. What you can do instead
    of using the switch is to temporarily rename the plugin folder and then start npp.

    But from your last comment

    Once it happens again I will find something to use.

    I get that this doesn’t happen always but from time to time. Is this the case?
    If so, you should describe in detail what you did, what you expected to be happen and what
    happened instead. As already said, a screenshot or a document which shows the behavior
    would make it a lot easier to find out the root of the problem.


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