New plugin for AJC Active Backup - get back to any version of your file

  • I am the author of AJC Active Backup and I have created a plugin to make it easy to access any version of the file you are currently working on to compare what has changed over time and to undo or restore bits of it etc.

    I see there is a wiki where plugins can be listed but I don’t know how to get a login to edit it. How can I do this? Also how does it get into the plugin manager and should it?

    A bit more about the product:
    AJC Active Backup monitors files on your PC according to the patterns you specify and takes a copy each time you change a file. It only stores the changes though so it is very compact. This is excellent when you are working on files because if you make a mistake or get corruption you can get back to any edit. There is a built in diff too so you can see what has changed etc. You are able to undo a whole revision or use the diff to just restore some bits from an earlier edit. You won’t get too many revisions over time though because the auto purge can (according to your settings) reduce the revisions to one per day after 7 days (default). Even if you have a revision control system this helps you because you get the constant protection.

    Its easy to access your archives anyway via Windows Explorer or the normal Active Backup screen but its nice to have the plugin so you don’t have to leave Notepad++. There are plugins for Visual Studio too.

    You can read more about it here:
    AJC Active Backup