Cache Unsaved Docs

  • At some point Notepad++ updated and I thought it would import all the old settings. It may have but something has drastically changed. In the past I could have a “NEW1”, “NEW2” document open with notes that I may not want to save but don’t want to loose. It would cache them and I could close notepad++ without loosing them.

    The other day I searched for this and thought I found a solution. Then however, I started getting backup files all over the place so eventually I disabled all the things I changed. Now I’m back to where I was. If I have notes I don’t want to loose, in unsaved documents, I can’t close Notepad++ without it asking me to save the file, which I don’t want to do.

    Where are the settings to get the old behavior back? I don’t want to always save unsaved documents, and I don’t want each and every file I change with Notepad++ to have a backup file.

  • @Sharlikran

    I don’t want to always save unsaved documents,

    To get this behavior, you need to have the following two checkboxes TICKED :

    • Remember current session for next launch
    • Enable session snapshot and periodic backup

    in Settings (menu) -> Preferences… -> Backup (box on left) -> Session snapshot and periodic backup (box in middle/top)

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