Desperately seeking installable version of Notepad++ for Windows Vista

  • Can anyone please help me to locate/install a version of notepad++ for Windows Vista. Current version fails to run on Vista. I have found older versions of the installer which are supposed to be compatible with Vista on this website which I have downloaded. HOWEVER, when I try to install NPP, I get errors copying over files. It appears installer tries to download files from old locations on the web which no longer exist, so the installation fails. This is NOT RIGHT! We should have the prerogative to keep and use older operating systems and the makers of NPP should make it possible for us to install older version. This is both a grave tragedy and ridiculous. Can anyone please help?

  • @Iqbal-Hamid

    Is there a compelling reason not to try the portable version?

  • Which version do you try to install? 32bit/64bit. At least there is no intentional break of the backwards compatibility even winxp sp3 should be still supported.

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