Wrongly replaced multiple variables recover ??

  • I am looking for a way to RECOVER from a WRONG done REPLACE of a variable of 298 occurences.

    Is this possible or is there any other way to set back a bulk of wrong replace actions and change these in the old state?

  • @Ard-Wes

    The obvious answer would be to replace the variables with the old value again, but I guess
    this isn’t an option, is it?

    Another way would be using menu edit->undo, but it might be that you have to do this as many times as it was done to replace it in first place.
    In just a case I would record a macro and then use run a macro multiple times feature.


  • @Ard-Wes

    If you did a Replace-in-files operation (you weren’t really specific…) and the file(s) you might want to apply @Claudia-Frank 's Undo technique to are NOT loaded into active editor tab windows, you are out of luck as this will be non-recoverable.

  • Ok

    I fixed the problem. But in 90% of the changes it had no effect.

    I have not used any of the offered options.

    It would be a useful tool if Notepad offered the possibilty recover a range of errors in the menu widget.

    Thanks for your time and suggestions.

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