LESS - is there a plugin that allows auto-completion?

  • Hi,

    I’m searching for a plugin that allows auto-completion for LESS code in LESS files. Is there such a plugin? I can’t find it.

    I already have a plugin for highlight LESS code in Notepad++.

    Thanks for help in advance.

  • @Lukasz-kowal

    I don’t know of a plugin but the general approach about auto completion in npp is
    the following.
    A) npp has a builtin autocompletion feature which scans your text and offers
    already written words for autocompletion (Settings->Preferences->AutoCompletion) and
    B) npp uses the so called api files which are basically xml files containing the
    most used words, or whatever one thought it should be in there, of the current language. Checkout the plugins\APIs directory.


  • Thank you. This helped me a lot. I created a LESS XML file from my CSS XML file and now auto-completion for LESS is working.
    I will use this method in the future to add new words for auto-completion for my other languages, for example my CSS lacks CSS3 tags.

    Thanks for help.