How make .nfo files use my HTML style ?

  • My HTML style is pretty simple and I use it as a general text style: it is basically green text on a black background to make it easy for my old eyes to read … but I can’t make it work for .nfo files.
    I have it set to use the default extensions plus the following user extensions: .txt;.ini;.css;.nzb;.nfo;.nnn;

    The .nnn; is there as a test: if I change the extension of an .nfo file to .nnn it works. Change the extension back to .nfo and it stops working.

    Even deleting all other styles except the global style doesn’t help.

    And it doesn’t use the global style either: .nfo files are displayed with black text on a black background - a colour combination that is absolutely nowhere in either my HTML style or the global style.

  • Hello @rob-stow, and All,

    From that article, on Wikipedia :

    it is said :

    .nfo (also written .NFO or NFO, a contraction of “info”, or “information”) is a commonly used three-letter filename extension for text files that accompany various digital scene releases with information about them.

    NFO files are used to deliver release information about the media, such as the digital media title, authorship, year, or licence information. This information is delivered for publishing the digital media to make it searchable on the web as well as within local catalogues and libraries.

    NFO files are plain text files. The simplest method to view is using a text editor and selecting a monospace font and set “US Latin” or “extended ASCII”.

    So, by default, Notepad++ opens any .nfo file as an ANSI file, with the OEM-US ( Code Page 437 ) encoding, and the use of the Unicode monospaced font named Lucida Console ! This cannot be changed, if the nfo extension is tied to the MSDOS Style /ASCII Art

    But, you could use a dummy extension, for instance, the qkj one for the nfo language and, then, add the nfo extension as a user extension for the html language !

    So, refer, first, to the beginning of my post to Nika, below :

    Of course, in this post, we’re speaking of nfo files ( and not ss files ! )

    Then :

    • Open the langs.xml file and change the line :
        <Language name="nfo" ext="nfo">

    into :

        <Language name="nfo" ext="qkj">

    Save the changes and exit langs.xml file. Now, open the stylers.xml file and change the line :

        <LexerType name="html" desc="HTML" ext="">

    into :

        <LexerType name="html" desc="HTML" ext="nfo">

    Save the changes and exit the stylers.xml file

    Hope that it’ll useful to you !



    P.S. :

    I don’t know about your present N++ version, but, AFAIK, if you’re using the default theme ( Stylers.xml ), then, for the default style of the nfo language :

    • Foreground colour is 2E2E2E and Background colour is FFFFFF, since N++ v5.6.7

    • Foreground colour was C0C0C0 and Background colour was 000000, before N++ v5.6.7

  • Many thanks - it worked once I went to the other thread you referenced (about the .ss files) and saw the note to clear the recent files list. I had already edited my langs.xml and stylers.xml files with NotePad++ but checked them with MicroSoft’s NotePad anyway just to make sure my changes had stuck when I exited NP++.

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