Unable to reformat XML/JSON files opened from email

  • I’m unable to reformat an XML or JSON type file using the JSON Viewer or XML Tools plugins when I open the file as an attachment in an email. I have to copy/paste the data to a new tab in Notepad++ at which point I’m able to reformat the text. Is this the expected behaviour? If not, how can I resolve the problem as its a real PITA to have to keep doing this for every file attachment I want to view correctly formatted.


  • @Matt-Storr

    sorry, but I don’t understand what you are doing.
    Does it mean you double click or open an attachment
    in your mail application like thunderbird/outlook and
    then npp starts and shows the content of the attachment?
    Now you use xml tools for reformatting and try to save it?
    But without reattaching it, it wouldn’t update in the mail.


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