Problem with the search and replace function

  • Hi,

    I just have installed Notepad++ and it works well for some search and replace work. I have a folder with hundreds of sub folders, with about 4000 html files. What I want to do is: delete all of the html in the files except for a small part (four lines - the files are 40kByte!).
    If I search for e.g. “<head>” and replace it with “” (nothing), this works well. But I’d like to delete larger parts of the files, e.g. the whole head section, that is: all between “<head>” and “</head>”. I tried it with <head>(.*?)</head> and a lot of other expressions found here in the forum, but none of them works?? What am I doing wrong??

    Truly yours,

  • @Wolf-Kürschner

    It seems like you might need to span lines with your search? Maybe try:

    Find-what zone: (?s)<head>.*?</head>

    The (?s) part will allow the . part to match line-ending characters, thus allowing the matching to cross line boundaries.

  • YES!!

    Stupid me…

    Works well now!

    Thanks a lot!!
    :-) Wolf
    (By the way: Is there a help file somewhere? Beside foum and “Command LIne Arguments”?

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