Adding an .xml pack with keywords to the Lua language

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m a new user of Notepad++ and i just can’t figure out how to implement an xml file with keywords to the specific language.
    I simply want to use auto-completion function with hints from that xml file while programming.

    Meaby there is some addon or tutorial for that ?

  • @Goredion

    I don’t use autocompletion because it drives me nuts, but I knew enough to check under “…\plugins\APIs” for a lua.xml file. Well, there isn’t one (I’m surprised). But modeling off of the existing xml files (in that folder) to create a lua.xml with some simple keywords, then restarting Notepad++ and opening a file with a .lua extension, showed that it works (for autocompletion).

    Thus, barring better advice from others, I’d suggest replicating my steps and making yourself a well-rounded lua.xml file.

  • Hi

    Thanks for replay and help ! it works for me too and i think its enough for now :)

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