Not possible to validate the integrity of 'NppConverter.dll' and 'mimeTools.dll'.

  • For a while now, I periodically get the Plugin Manager telling me that plugins ‘Converter’ and ‘MIME Tools’ have updates available. But when I do try to update them I get this message:

    “It has not been possible to validate the integrity of ‘NppConverter.dll’ needed to install or update a plugin. Do you want to copy this file anyway (not recommended)?”

    Same with ‘mimeTools.dll’.

    Should I just ignore the warning? If so, why is there a check in the first place? Can I validate the integrity manually?

  • @Bruno-Guillemette

    plugin manager is an external project

    this issue is known and will probably occur if the checksum of the desired plugin dll at the current plugin manager download location differs from the checksum that is currently in the plugin manager’s list

    maybe it helps, if you file another issue report about this at the plugin manager’s project site

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