notepad ++ freezes when scrolling big txt file

  • hi all,

    notepad ++ freezes for 5-10 secs when trying to scroll a 16mb txt file. started to downgrade and 5.9.8 seems ok. anybody any idea? thanks

  • Hello, @Baka-csaba and All,

    Could you check if you, presently, use the Word Wrap feature ( menu View > Word Wrap ) ? I often noticed that this reduces, drastically, easy navigation, throughout important files, even if their contents do not exceed the present window editor length !

    I just did a test, with a 25Mb file, containing 458,000 lines, about. For instance, when trying to get the end of this file, with the Ctrl + End shortcut, it took ~6s, on my old Win XP machine, with the Word Wrap option set. When this option is unset, the same operation is instantaneous :-))

    And, idem, with the Page Up / Page Down keys. So, I would advise you to always uncheck this feature, when navigating in big size files :-))

    Best Regards,


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