"Please wait while Windows configures Notepad++" triggered by right click in File Explorer

  • Hi - Weird problem here.

    A few times a day, every day, when I right-click a file in Windows 7 File Explorer it triggers:
    “Please wait while Windows configures Notepad++”

    If I let it run, the installer with throw the message:
    “Error 123. The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”

    Anyone ever heard of this? Any ideas? It’s one mosquito I’d like to swat.

    more details …

    I’ve constantly had Notepad++ open as a “scratchpad” for … years. This behavior has been going on some part of this year. Don’t remember just when it began.

    When I right click in File Explorer, one option in the context menu is Edit with Notepad++ (maybe this is standard? don’t remember).
    The problem happens with two different mice or the track pad.

    It’s not something I can reproduce on command. It happens when it happens.
    I’ve never bothered to log when it happens, but just started a log.

    Currently using v 7.3.3 32 bit. What else… Plugins installed

    • JSON Viewer 1.24 (Just removed - we’ll see.)
    • MIME Tools 2.1
    • NppExport 0.2.8
    • Plugin Manager 1.4.9
    • Spell-Checker 1.3.3 (which I’ve never gotten working)

    (When I removed JSON Viewer and N++ restarted, it prompted me to update JSTool from 1.21 to 1.21.1, which I just did.)

    Thanks - Frank

  • Hi Frank. I would uninstall/reinstall and see if that helps with your context menu issue. If that doesn’t help, I would log in under a different user and see if the problem is attached to your profile.

  • Hi - Thanks for the reply.

    @cipher-1024 said:

    Hi Frank. I would uninstall/reinstall and see …

    I did that just now. We’ll see.

    Earlier this morning I right clicked on an html file in MyDocuments, and it happened again. (The PC was on all night, locked, with File Explorer windows open. First time I right-clicked on a file it happened. Wonder if it’s a once a day thing?)

    Again, I let the config run to conclusion to see what it was doing. This time it threw a different error at the end:
    “Error 1316. The specified account already exists.”

    Again, this was *before *the uninstall/reinstall, so we’ll see what happens. Thanks!