Recover unsaved new tabs

  • I am trying to find out if there is a way to recover unsaved tabs. I was working on changing a bunch of passwords. I didnt save the tab, then computer crashed and now I don’t see the tabs there. I tried to open recent tabs, it is only restoring things that were saved before. Is there a way to recover the tabs i was working on? They had the default names “new *”. Is it possible to recover if i reverent computer to past save point?

  • So, I should have googled before posting. I’m sorry - :( So if you are wondering you can go to — C:\Users\USER PROFILE HERE\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\backup —this works provided you didnt change the default setting (not too sure how didnt look for it)

    If you did change it you can try to see the path --in notpad ++
    *click on settings
    *should see the backup path
    **this is where you can make adjustments to backups (how and where)

    Hope this helps others

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