Linus, used with Crossover (the people who assist Wine) - text problem

  • I am using Now You’re Cooking, a Windows Program in Linux and want to import my recipes in it. But when Linux saves to notepad there is something different at the end of each paragraph, something to do with** LF** and CRs.

    I’ve set this up in Crossover and both programs work OK but Notepad++ doesn’t save as a windows Notepad does and I still cannot load in the recipes. I have over 100 of them and it will be a PITA if I have to do it all by hand.

    I’m wondering whether there’s something I can do under Encoding, or if not, under Preferences. I’d appreciate any help from fellow Linux users here?


  • When you open file in Notepad++ have a look at the bottom-right corner of the window (where the status is displayed).
    You should be seeing something like Unix (LF) or Windows (CR LF) in the third section from the right. This selects the line terminating special symbol in your file. Windows uses CR LF while Unix (Linux included) uses only LF.
    Try clicking on the mentioned section of the window with the mouse right button and select what character to use as line termination. Then you can save the file to make the changes permanent.


  • @Andrew-Ampers-Taylor

    maybe this is of help

    open the desired file in notepad++
    in the menu bar, click on view > show symbol > show all characters
    (this will show you all line endings like [CR][LF])

    then, if you select edit > eol (end of line) conversion > windows (CR LF) from the menu bar, it will convert all paragraphs (line endings) to the windows format (or mac or linux if you choose so)

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