Notepad text lost? Transfer help

  • Hello! So I recently reinstalled Windows 7 and I moved my notepad++ to my SSD so it didn’t get deleted… and it did. All of my saved notes are gone. I have a windows.old file but I’m not sure where I could find my old notepads. Can someone please help? Thank you!

  • @Charlie-Samuel

    I would try to use software like recuva
    in the hope that the new installation hasn’t overwritten the files.


  • press keys Win+R then write\paste

    Type in cmd:
    tree c:\ | more

    If your windows.old is not a file but a catalog\folder (I don’t remember), do
    to write file names of c:\windows.old* and its subfolders containing “MICROSOFT”:
    dir c:\windows.old /s /b | find /i “MICROSOFT” >> %USERPROFILE%\DESKTOP\LOSTFILES.txt

    also to output in console all file names in that catalog recursively
    (recursively - i.e. all folder tree)
    for /R c:\windows.old %R in (*) do @ECHO %R

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