[CR][LF] colour not following settings

  • Why isn’t [CR][LF] the same colour as the space and other symbols, when view all is turned on ?

    I didn’t find anyway to set theses end of line markers in a different colour than the text itself, it really confuses my overall text reading.
    Okay, they appear in “reverse” i.e. White on Black. But why ain’t they Orange on White or White on Orange?

    I hope I don’t have to learn haow to write a plugin to correct this standard behaviour ;)

    Thank you for your help.

  • @Arthur-Agapoff As far as I may understand what it’s up to, Scintilla’s way of displaying CR LF mark at end of line is about to be changed since 14 years (2003-march-01 to be precise).
    So I’m afraid it won’t ever be :(

  • @Arthur-Agapoff

    really confuses my overall text reading

    I agree that the visible line-endings in their current form are “too heavy” to be left on all the time. Even in another color they would be overwhelming to be kept on. But…why do you need them to be shown…you know that they are there! :-D

    Is the concern that you can’t see trailing spaces (I hate them; love N++'s only built-in Macro menu entry of “Trim Trailing Space and Save”) and visible line-endings help you see this? If so, maybe “Show White Space and TAB” is the less-intrusive way to achieve this goal.

    Otherwise I only find visible line-endings useful when I suspect that a file has somehow gotten mixed line-ending types in it. I have a mitigation method for that but it is really something that occurs very rarely anyway–and is usually accidental (hard to intentionally do). Mixing line-ending types on purpose can be done but is ill-advised unless you have a certain need for it.

  • @Scott-Sumner I sometimes use it to verify that the lines end where they look like they end, and not off the page to the right. I suppose I could use the Show White Space and TAB option to do this, but unlike some others, I don’t think the White Space display characters are big enough. :)

    The other reason I sometimes turn it on (besides your use of verifying mixed line endings) is when I have Word Wrap on, and even with the Show Wrap Symbol on, it helps me distinguish more easily where the end of the line is. I don’t keep it on all the time, but I guess the way it currently displays (as opposed to White-on-Orange, which would be hideous!) doesn’t bother me all that much, as I often forget to turn it off when I’m done. Ah, perhaps our grandchildren will be able to easily configure all aspects of their favourite editor.

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