Function list empty for js files

  • hello,
    My function lists are empty for all javascript files. I thought it was un bug, but the last version doesn’t resolve this problem (which appeared some months ago).
    Any idea, where this disagreement could come from ?

  • @Denis-Peter Hint: this forum has a search option.

  • I did use this option before posting here… and gess what… I did’nt find (yes i’m probably so stupid)
    So a more precise hint would be gratedly appreciated ;-)

  • @Denis-Peter

    The search function on this site is awful. I often get better results by letting the “experts” do it: On Google, put this in the search bar: site: _______
    where _______ are the search terms.

    For instance, site: Function list empty for js files yields this as the second hit which may or may not help with your problem…good luck.

  • @Denis-Peter

    I found that editing functionList.xml and changing this line:

    <association id= "javascript_function" langID="58" />

    to this:

    <association id= "javascript_function" langID="19" />

    made the Function List start working for .js files in Notepad++ 7.5.2 (after restarting N++).

  • Thank you for your help, Scott Summer.
    I made the replacement (et restarted np++ 7.5.2), but, function lists was still empty for .js files !
    So, I read more into a discussion found with your previous hint :
    (a discussion which didn’t appear with the internal search function (and the keywords i used: “function list javascript…”)… ;-) ),
    and found a post saying to also add a given parser. So I added the parser. And… it still does not work. :-(

    By the way, this discussion ends up with “Doesn’t work :(”

    So, if somebody had a link or something, which would work…!

    And if users have to modify things into the program files, it means that this is still a bug, yet reported one year ago… ?!

  • @Denis-Peter

    So I don’t do JavaScript so my knowledge/interest level does not go really deep. However, here is what I tried; perhaps attempt to exactly duplicate (in case you didn’t do exactly this). It may give you some insight about why it doesn’t work for your specific setup:

    • get the 7.5.2 portable install zip file and unzip it somewhere
    • run the 7.5.2 notepad++.exe and pull a js file into it and turn Function List on; observe that Function List is empty for the js file
    • edit the 7.5.2 functionList.xml file and change the single line as detailed above; save
    • quit and restart the 7.5.2 notepad++.exe
    • (hopefully) observe that Function List window is now populated for the test js file

    Contents of the js file I used for testing:

    function myFunc(arg) {}

    No guarantees and I’m about out of expertise on this, so…

    And if users have to modify things into the program files, it means that this is still a bug, yet reported one year ago

    So we kind of hear this kind of thing all the time here. The answer is that not everything is easy (to understand motivations) and that sometimes workarounds must be employed to achieve desired functionality at a user-level. You basically have a couple of choices:

    1. complain and wait and suffer day to day because your “thing” hasn’t gotten fixed/implemented
    2. work around it (maybe with a low-level hack) and get something going so that your daily work environment is improved

  • Aah ! It did not work because I made the change in the functionList.xml file located in the program’s directory, and not in a an other hidden one located in user/appData/roaming… !
    Now, it works !

    My remark about the bug not fixed, was’nt just for “complaining”, but for the common good.
    Or course, i can hack. But if this bug which seems quite simple to fix, was fixed, it would be a considerable gain of time, since thousands of people wouldn’t have to spend hours searching and fixing it themselves (or just working without this useful function).
    If I had the knowledge and position for that, I would do the job. But it is not the case, so I report the problem.
    Selfish people, just hack, and are happy having the thing working for themeselves. ;-)

  • @Denis-Peter

    Good that it’s working.

    If it’s a reported bug then it is “known about”…but there’s not really much more a user can do about it. You can certainly dive in and fix it yourself, but even then there is no guarantee that it will be integrated, even if you present a perfectly-good fix. See the posting by @Claudia-Frank in this thread for some detail on how to do this…

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