Notepad ++ does not read the latest Word docx format

  • Hello.

    I was trying to do some batch replaces but I see that Notepad ++ does not find the text in .docx files. I mean the latest .docx format. I use Office 360. I tried to open the file in Notepad ++ and it shows only garbage. I assume this new Word format is not supported so I’d like to know if there is any plugin to use it or if support is planned for a future version.


  • @Alonso-Santamaria

    I don’t think that notepad++ will included a builtin function to read/write docx files in the future
    but as I’m not the developer I can’t say for sure. Same is true for plugin development.
    Npp is used for editing plain text files and not for binary packed xmls. I assume you’re
    better looking out for something different maybe LibreOffice etc… to do what you want.


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