Any way to get past the 30 recent file history limit in notepad++?

  • I am a bit angry that i cant get increase the recent files history limit past 30, when i try to enter 90, i want a higher value. its becauuse i play games, get scripts from online and stuff so i would like to have a lot of file open in notepad++. Also i play with settings and sometiems .ini’s so i would love a bunch of tabs open. if therei s some config file or special file settings/registry value i can change to bypass, it would be appreciated…
    if this limit was added just because the creators wanted it to, that would really suck :/ thanks

  • @vorticusbot The recent file history limit of 30 is pretty sensible to me. The menu with 30 entries is already a bit too bloated and inconvenient to use at a resolution of 1920x1080.

    You might be better off enabling Multi-Line tabs and keeping the tabs open and/or using the Workspace features.

  • sorry about that. i just really hate limits in any game/software/ or anything in general for some reason. Its because i’m really creative with the stuff I do (not really aprogrammer because im 14 but still good at computers) so it’s like it limits my creativity, no offense to the creator of notepad++. could you tell me if you atleast know of any file or registy value/location that has the limit? for now i’m triyng to get a registry key recording software that notifies of any changes to the registry, so i can keep changing the limit in notepad++ then find the location of that limit. thanks for you helpe :)

  • @vorticusbot

    Skip the registry stuff. It’s stored in the config.xml in the History section…here’s an example with it set to 30:

    <History nbMaxFile="30" inSubMenu="yes" customLength="-1">

  • thank you SO MUCH! i big smile grew on my face at school i will try this!

  • Hello Scott,

    Well woops. Unfortunately that didn’t work, it still sends me back t o30 when i try to enter any value higher, and I went the config.xml file in AppData Roaming in Notepad++. guess im gonan tr registry things until i can get a good solution, or maybe the limit is implemented into notepad++ as an .exe itself.

  • @vorticusbot

    Did you see my screenshot here where I have 35 items on the recent file history list by editing config.xml and changing the value to 35 before running Notepad++?

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