Mouse pointer disappears when over line number/bookmark column

  • Hello,

    I see exact behavior described in this prior thread:

    I.e., on Windows 10, the mouse pointer disappears when mouse is hovering over the line number & bookmark column at left edge of the NotePad++ UI. It reappears when I move the mouse to the left or right of this line number & bookmark bar.

    A reboot has not fixed the issue. In fact, I have seen the same issue now on two separate Win10 computers. N++ version is 7.5.1, and my Win10 is “Pro” version, Version = 10.0.15063 Build 15063 (i.e., it is patched up to “Windows 10 Creators Update” = Build 15063). I don’t know if this was happening prior to installing 15063 update.

    I do have CursorFX installed on my system, and am typically using a custom cursor set. But even when I switch back to the Windows default cursor set, I still see the same issue. I do not believe CursorFX runs in the background after it is closed, so I do not think it is somehow causing this issue.


  • OK, so… I was wrong :-): CursorFX does have some kind of background process (some deets here: After uninstalling CursorFX & rebooting my laptop, the issue has resolved: I can now see my mouse pointer when it is over that line number & bookmark column.


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