File assosiactions do not work if Notepad++ is installed to another partition other than C:\

  • Hello, until today I had version 6 installed to my C:\Program Files (x86) directory.
    Today I installed the latest version 7.5.3 to another partition of my drive, letter M:.

    I installed to directory M:\Program Files (x86). But after installation Notepad++ could not be assosiated with .txt files. I tried to use Windows 7 “Open With…” dialog but it did not work at all.

    But after I uninstalled the program from the M:\ partition and reinstalled it to C:\ partition, the file association worked again with .txt filles.

    I want to install Notepad++ to another partition, can anyone help?


  • @Stavros-Skamagkis

    did you try default programs applet (under control panel)?


  • Yes, I tried the default programs applet but Notepad++ isn’t in the list of programs.

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