how to highlight selected text with rgb color?

  • hey ive looked around but couldnt find anything, but would it be possible to highlight certain lines with an rgb color scheme?

    i use notepad++ to update my path of exile loot filter, but i dont always remember what the colo scheme i have for a certain line.

    is there any way for my to highlight the rgb value and either change the text color or background color just for that selected text?

    as an example left being what it looks like now and right being what i would want it to look like.

  • @RScream1

    interesting - could be done more or less but you need to be aware that you need
    to install a scripting plugin like python or lua … (one which exposes the scintilla features) and
    depending whether you want to use it together with a lexer (code highlighting from language menu)
    or not you do have just a couple of possible styles or indicators you can use.

    Let me know if you wanna go this way.


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