Trying to edit a read only file

  • I am a newbie and I am trying to edit a file but Notepad is saying it is read only. I looked at the properties and “read only” is not checked. Please help!

  • @Kim-Beach

    Possible you have it open (or previewed) in an Explorer window running with elevated privileges? Just a guess but I’ve seen similar questions asked end with that as the problem…

  • Hello, @kim-beach and All,

    May be I’m wrong but I’ll give a try !

    The coloured icon, at the left of the file name, in tabs, may be :

    • Blue, if it refers to a saved file, which has not been modified, since that time

    • Red, if it refers to a modified file, which has not been saved, since that time

    • Grey, if it refers to a file, with the N++ temporary flag Read-Only “ON” ( See the option Edit > Set Read-Only )

    Just note that this N++ option is independent from the classical Read-Only flag of Windows. This N++ option is cancelled, as soon as you close the file or Notepad++. It just stays active, during the current N++ session, and prevents you for modifying the file, in any way !

    I hope that it’s related to your problem !

    Best Regards,


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