Formatting options in Notepad++

  • Hi All,

    Can you please let me know is there is any option to do formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline) of particular words in Notepad ++ ?. I tried to do this using Settings >> Style configurator, but it is getting applied to the entire text in document.

    So, please let me know if there is any settings / extra plugin which I need to install, so that, I can Bold / Underline some particular words in document.

    Please let me know if any further information / clarification is required.


  • @Suhas-kashyap-R.R

    You can make it work but you need to understand that this isn’t a persistent change which means
    if you close and reopen the file, the changes are gone. This is related to the fact that npp is a text
    editor and unlike word processors like MS Word, LibreOffice Writer it doesn’t save formatting
    information within the file. The coloring you see for programming languages like c/c++, python …
    are done on the fly and as already said, don’t persist on reload.

    So if you are still interested, then a possible solution might be to install python script plugin and
    define your own styles for different kind of actions.


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