Big encoding problem with UTF-8 / UTF-8-BOM / ANSI / ISO-8859-1

  • notepad++ v7.5.2 (32 bit)
    Win 7 Ultima

    I use notepad++ with WinSCP and have a huge problem with the encoding.

    HTML and PHP files are in HTML5 with <meta charset = “UTF-8”>.

    If I save the .htaccess in UFT-8-BOM, then HEAD will show on the command line for HTML and PHP files stored in UTF-8 or UTF-8-BOM: iso-8859-1.

    If I save the .htaccess in UTF-8, then HEAD shows no charset on the command line for HTML files and UTF-8 for PHP files. No matter if they are stored in UTF-8 or UTF-8-BOM.

    But if I close and reopen the .htaccess in UTF-8, it will open in ANSI !!!

    When I create a new file with WinSCP, it opens in ANSI. In the WinSCP settings the default encoding is UTF-8 and notepad++ is set to open a new document in UTF-8-BOM.

    Where is the problem here?

  • This is a known bug in v7.5.2 and v7.5.3 so I’d suggest you stick with v7.5.1 for the time being.

    Pull request to fix the issue is here

  • Many thanks for your very helpfull hint! It saves my work.

  • Unfortunately the problem with 7.5.1 is not solved.
    npp.7.5.1.bin.minimalist.x64 opens files stored in UTF-8 containing characters from the Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Unicode block as ANSI.

    What I have just seen is that the term “ANSI” means different. Once the term ANSI means Windows-1252 (Menubar -> Encoding) and once means only ISO-8859-1 (Preferences -> New Document -> Encoding). Or there are problems because files stored in Windows-1252 are opened as ANSI, even if “Apply to opened ANSI file” is set.

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