Open as does not work anymore on 64bits

  • Hello,

    I’ve reinstalled my laptop in Win 64bits, so I tried to install Npp 64 bits, and it works but there is not enough plugin. And when I right click on a file on Windows Explorer, I can add Npp to the list of default program :
    Procedure :
    Right click on a file .txt for example
    Choose open with > Choose default programm
    Then I browse to get my notepad++.exe
    And that it, Npp is added to the list.

    But I unistall the 64 bits version for install the Npp x86 (to get more plugin). But this procedure does not work anymore. When I do this, the npp.exe is not added to the list.
    This is the first time I saw that. I was thinking it’s Windows which handle that. I don’t know why it’s not working …

    I’ve used the File Association menu in Npp to achieve that since the standard procedure is buggy. I need to be Windows admin but I don’t have this privilege on every laptop.

    Are you aware of this bug ?

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