Problem with multiple portable versions in Windows 7

  • I have a problem with multiple portable versions in a Windows 7.
    I use one notepad++ for general purposes. Another only as an SFTP client editor.
    Currently, because of the UTF-8 code issue, version 7.5.1.

    C:\Users\xxx\Portable\npp.7.5.1.bin.x64\notepad++. exe
    no multiInst.
    .txt file association to npp.7.5.1.bin.x64\notepad++. exe
    (checked in the registry)

    SFTP Client Editor:
    C:\Users\xxx\Portable\npp.7.5.1.bin.minimalist.x64\notepad++. exe
    notepad++ Preferences: Multiinst
    SFTP client linking: npp.7.5.1.bin.minimalist.x64/notepad++. exe -multiInst

    If a file is opened via SFTP client via preferences linked npp.7.5.1.bin.minimalist.x64 and then opened a txt file in Windows Explorer, then the txt file is opened in the opened npp.7.5.1.bin.minimalist.x64 by the SFTP client, even if a npp.7.5.1.bin.x64 window is already open. A txt file opened from Explorer always opens in the last active notepad++ window. How is this possible and how can I prevent it?

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